Joape is a green tecnology company with over 15 years in the acclimatizing equipment industry.  Located in southern Brazil, our infrastructure is focused on the development of new technologies and products with the interest of offering high quality solutions.

Joape’s cooling solutions fans were created in 2001.  The fans are a modern and unique cooling system that reduce room temperature, cleans, hydrates, and humidifies the air (if utilized indoors)  without the discomforting wet  feeling caused by the misting nozzle sprays.

Since Joape’s inception numerous improvements and changes have been implemented in order to meet and exceed consumer satisfaction. Joape products are available in a variety of makes and sizes and can be customized to each specific need.

Joape’s philosophy:  Joape is committed to the brazilian advances in the research and development of resources that would enhance and improve our modern style of living with contributions to the preservation of our habitat and without harming the environment.

Our Mission

To develop, produce, and commercialize products respecting the environment with the intent of improving the quality of life without harming our environment.

Our Vision

To be globally recognized through quality of research and development of products that contributes, as well as, enhances the quality of life.